Generate and send Payable Invoices for cashless payments

Enable customers to view invoice details and make online payments easily. Get paid faster and improve your cash flow.
A cell phone with a screen showing the invoice section.
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Everything you need to create, send, and get paid for invoices

Generate and share invoices via email and SMS with multiple online payment modes to get paid instantly.

Click-to-pay functionality

Simplify making transactions by offering a direct click-to-pay function from your invoice, letting consumers choose from multiple payment modes, including credit cards, debit cards, net banking, wallets, and more.

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Two id cards with the words bill to and bill to written on them.

Customizable and branded invoices

Make a positive impression on customers with professional-looking invoices that can be customized to match your branding.

Comprehensive and detailed invoices

Let customers know what they are being charged for with a detailed breakdown of expenses in the invoice. Include price, taxes, discounts, and other details.

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Easily shareable

With PayBy, you can share invoices with customers by email, SMS, or a direct URL with just a simple click.

Track account receivables

Keep track of all account receivables against the invoices shared and paid on a single dashboard in real-time.

A screenshot of the invoice section of a website.
The invoice payment received from aed1600.

Real-time notifications

Get notified when a payment is made partially, in full, is overdue, or when the invoice expires.

Simple pricing, no hidden charges

Invoices are a part of PayBy’s comprehensive payment solutions for businesses with no setup fees and one of the lowest transaction charges in the industry.


Get access to all the PayBy payment solutions at one standard price with no hidden charges.
For domestic cards
2.50% + 1 AED
For international cards
2.80% + 1 AED
1.5% + 1 AED
For wallet payments (Alipay+)

Customized for you

Design a special package based on your annual business processing volumes & risk profile
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