Have you encountered difficulties when transferring money to your friends and family?

Do you experience awkward moments of running out of cash or having no change?

Would you like to buy the latest gadget now and pay later?

All You Need is Your Phone and...PayBy


Point of Sale

Cost-efficient hardware solutions, Smart POS and Smart Box, benefit business of all sizes. 

We’re raising the bar for what merchants could expect from technology, as well as reducing the cost of feature upgrade. It is easy to integrate your existing barcode system with our portal.


Cashless payment enables online and in-store shopping, money transfer and virtual gifting.

Encountering the social distancing challenge, users can now pay for themselves and others upon order creation, and pick up parcel without hassles.


Get small and flexible consumer credit at your fingertips within a few taps.

CashNow allows funds to be credited to your bank account and paid back via ATMs and cards. PayLater enables users to pay your purchases in monthly installments.

Enjoy now, pay later!

  Empower Your Business

Our Stand, Smart Box and Smart POS are designed for business in different sizes with different needs, helping them to grow and succeed.

One device handles all tasks
Cost-effective solution with full functions
Zero device cost. Easy and Simple
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PayBy aims to build a seamless payment ecosystem and help you better manage your wallets and revenues. 

360 Ecosystem 

Build a contactless and cashless payment experience whether it is online or offline, one-off or regular.

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Start Your Journey!

PayBy is now available on App Store, Google Play, HUAWEI AppGallery, Android APK, ToTok and BOTIM. More are coming...

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