Secure payment solutions for Information Technology and Services Industry

Whether you serve B2B or B2C clientele, simplify transactions with PayBy to improve operational efficiency and overall customer experience.

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An end-to-end payments solution tailored for the Information Technology and Services industry

PayBy offers a comprehensive suite of payment solutions that can be tailored to meet the diverse and complex transaction requirements of the industry.

Multiple payment modes

Offer diverse payment methods for cashless transactions at both online and offline touchpoints to enhance customer experiences.

  • Credit cards
  • Debit Cards
  • Bank Transfers
  • Over 1.5 billion digital wallets
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Custom payment options

Create a tailored package of payment solutions to enable online, offline and in-app payments with advanced features like payable invoices, custom payment links and more to meet different transaction requirements.

  • Subscription-based payments
  • One-time payments
  • Optimized payment experience
  • 99.9% platform availability

Transaction monitoring and management

Get real-time insights on online, offline and in-app transactions to understand key sales trends - payment modes, discounts used, day of time, and more, to optimize business operations for maximizing revenue.

  • Payment tracking dashboard
  • Digital receipts
  • Detailed reports and insights
  • Record seasonal fluctuations

Multi-functional solutions

PayBy payment devices provide a range of functions beyond simple payments. This includes the ability to manage multiple store locations, employee permissions and handling various wallets.

  • Streamlined finances
  • Operational efficiency
  • User permissions and control

Automated payouts

Manage payouts to your employees, vendors and partners using PayBy to streamline operations and records. Transfer directly to their bank accounts or wallets.

  • Monitor payout status
  • No delay bulk processing
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Security and compliance

All payment solutions are built with robust security measures to ensure compliance with industry standards while handling sensitive payment data.

  • PCI-compliant
  • Payment data control
  • Dynamic fraud management
  • Risk management
  • Chargeback representation and management

Ease of integration

PayBy payment solutions easily integrate with various apps and POS systems used in technology stacks easily, minimizing disruptions to ongoing operations.

  • Priority onboarding
  • Zero set-up fees
  • 24/7 integration support
  • Custom Integrations
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The best payment solutions for Information Technology and Services industry

PayBy offers versatile, secure and cost-effective solutions that can be further tailored to the specific needs of the industry.

Simple pricing, no hidden charges

PayBy is a cost-effective alternative to existing payment platforms offering competitive rates and fees structure, in addition to no setup fees and one of the lowest transaction charges. Improve your company’s financial efficiency!


Get access to all the PayBy payment solutions at one standard price with no hidden charges.
For domestic cards
2.50% + 1 AED
For international cards
2.80% + 1 AED
1.5% + 1 AED
For wallet payments (Alipay+)

Customized for you

Design a special package based on your annual business processing volumes & risk profile
Volume discounts
Multi-product discounts
Tailored Solutions

One-time fee of AED 800 for POS

PayBy POS systems come at a one-time fee for the physical device.

Choose a product that suits you best

Smart POS

Smart BOX

Not sure what payment solutions best meet your requirement?

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