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Split Bills

Split bills with your colleagues and friends by using face-to-face QR code or online payment link. PayBy allows you to have a good time with friends without having to worry about splitting the bill afterwards.

Make Mobile Payments

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Make Mobile Payments

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Make Mobile Payments

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Easy & Fast

Split bills function takes the hassle out of calculating. No more frustrations for not having exact cash. The money could be collected in a real-time and easy way.

Flexible Payment

The bills can be collected in 2 ways:

1. Your friends can scan the QR code with PayBy app to complete the face-to-face payment.

2. The bill can be shared online with your friends by payment link.

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Start Your Journey !

PayBy is now available on App Store, Google Play, HUAWEI AppGallery, and BOTIM.

More are coming...

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