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Make it a healthy Eid by using PayBy’s money transfer to send Eidiya

PayBy’s innovative technology is keeping traditions alive, by enabling safe, secure, and instant money transfers, with no additional charges

As Eid Al Fitr approaches, technology is helping keep traditions alive during this special time of the year. Brighten the festive season for loved ones by gifting the traditional Eidiya – safely and virtually using a smart, contactless payment solution from PayBy.

Eidiya is a gift of money for those who are younger and much looked forward to, especially by children, during Eid celebrations. Designed especially for this Eid Al Fitr, PayBy has rolled out cashless, contactless Eidiya which enables instant money transfers through a beautifully designed festive cover, available on ToTok chat.

The Eidiya money remains in the little one's PayBy wallet and you can even see their reaction to your gift through a ToTok video call. What’s more, there are no charges when you transfer money through PayBy. Should your Eidiya be over AED 50, please remind your recipient to complete ID verification. The little ones can withdraw the Eidiya to their parents' UAE bank account, free of charge if the amount is over 50AED.

PayBy uses a QR-code based payment system that enables users to make contactless and cashless payments in-store with partner outlets such as LuLu Express, baqalas, and other select grocery stores. You can transfer funds to your bank account from the PayBy wallet. Or use it to pay for deliveries on arrival, and to order goods and services online.

Financial transactions on PayBy are well protected by leading and proven technologies, including an AI-based fraud management system to detect unauthorized activities, compliant with PCI-DSS standards, the international gold standard for security. The QR code generated by PayBy is based on tokenization – widely acknowledged as a more secure payment method as it allows the payment to be processed without exposing sensitive payment information.

PayBy is already accessible to ToTok subscribers. The PayBy native app is currently available in Google Play and Huawei Store, and soon will be made available in other app stores. ToTok is available for download to Android users on ToTok’s official website (, through the Samsung, Huawei, Xiaomi, OPPO, Vivo app stores, or via popular third-party stores such as Apkpure, UpToDown, Aptoide, GetJar, Softonic.

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