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QR Code Payments: The Future of Mobile Payments

QR code payment is a form of contactless payment method that is efficient and straightforward. It works by presenting QR code in PayBy mobile app on QR enabled POS terminals, authorize the payment, and it’s securely done.

QR Code stands for (Quick Response) code, it’s a trademark for matrix barcode technology. The QR code stands out with its three small squares placed in the lower and upper left corners and upper right corner. The overall code has a square shape composed of a matrix of small squares.

Consumers will need a smartphone and install PayBy mobile application (Android, iOS, Huawei) to be able to do smart payments in a number of merchants across the UAE.

How does it QR code Payment works

Open PayBy mobile app and then scan unique QR code on the app that identifying your payment information at the merchant’s Smart POS.

How merchants can accept QR code payments

PayBy offers multiple ways through which merchants can accept payments. Through, Smart Box and Smart POS solutions in the UAE.

Smart Box solution is designed for small and big merchants to enable them to integrate into existing POS terminals.

Smart POS is a comprehensive solution that enables merchants to accept QR codes, NFC, bank cards, and Cash-In payments

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