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PayBy is now available on BOTIM

As a way to cope with the challenge of COVID-19, PayBy has continuously worked on its payment infrastructure to provide better services to its users and merchants. It also keeps extending the partnership to introduce the most innovative and advanced payment solutions in UAE.

Today, PayBy announces that it is now available on BOTIM, which is a popular video calling APP in the world. As its payment technical solution provider, PayBy is built within BOTIM APP, offering BOTIM users a fast, convenient and secure mobile payment experience. It is available for all BOTIM users in UAE, and can directly download and upgrade in Google Play Store and Apple Play Store.

At present, BOTIM users can transfer funds to their contacts within the chatroom, collect money from other BOTIM users, top-up UAE mobile number, and conduct contactless payment at any PayBy-enabled merchants. Many new features and benefits will be rolled out in the next few months.

In the past few weeks, PayBy team has observed the increasing needs for grocery and food delivery. However, it is found that cash is still the most used payment method. To ensure consumers and delivery staff’s health, PayBy has quickly developed a replacement solution of Cash on Delivery. The PayBy-enabled merchants will print out the receipt and send it together with the grocery or meals, and the consumers can “Pay on delivery” by scanning the QR code when the delivery arrives.

The effect and influence of this pandemic is profound. Mobile payment not only offers a safer and more convenient tool, but also offers more opportunities for people to rethink about their daily life and for merchants to reshape the business.

Download the latest BOTIM here and start using PayBy.

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