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PayBy eases payment hassles in Abu Dhabi taxis

With PayBy on your phone, say goodbye to the hassles of carrying cash, jangling coins and finding the exact change to pay your taxi fare

We have all been there. Handing over a Dh100 note to the taxi driver to pay a Dh12 fare. Cue to accusatory glances from the taxi driver, awkward apologies and scrabbling around to find change in pockets and bags.

You may have even had to get out on the street and ask random passers by and shopkeepers for exact change to pay the taxi driver.

Or remember the time you were handed a mini mountain of coins that spilled out of your hands, on to the taxi floor?

All those scenarios are now a thing of the past in Abu Dhabi.

If you hail a silver taxi in Abu Dhabi, you don’t have to worry about carrying exact change, jangling coins or fear the germs from handling currency notes.

Innovative fintech company PayBy has extended the cashless ecosystem to all silver taxis operating in the emirate. More than 6,000 vehicles in Abu Dhabi’s public taxi fleet, now accept cashless fare payments through PayBy.

With PayBy’s UAE National Day offer, users can collect instant discount vouchers for taxi rides when they use the app to pay their Abu Dhabi Taxi fares.

Using PayBy to pay your taxi fare in Abu Dhabi is a quick and seamless process. When you arrive at your destination, simply request to pay the fare using PayBy. A QR code is displayed on the taxi’s meter screen, which you can scan with the PayBy app on your phone. The transaction is confirmed when you enter the password or use face recognition on your smartphone. Both the driver and passenger receive a notification once the transaction is successfully completed.

PayBy offers safety, security and greater choice to both passengers and drivers. As there’s no exchange of currency, it is so much more hygienic than handling cash and coins.

Credit card and debit card users can add their cards to their PayBy account and authorise the transaction when paying taxi fares. What’s more, even those who do not have cards can top up their PayBy wallets on kiosks and pay through the app, thus completing a cashless, contactless and safe transaction.

The taxi sector globally has undergone a tremendous transformation, moving into digitalization and consolidation, and giving greater choice to customers. With this latest convenience for passengers, Abu Dhabi joins leading cities worldwide where passengers pay their taxi fare through QR code payments, such as London, Mumbai and Beijing. QR codes are widely adopted in Asia, Europe, Australia and the UK to keep passengers and drivers safe during the pandemic.

PayBy is accelerating the cashless economy through several landmark partnerships. You can use it to complete cashless, contactless transactions on the Abu Dhabi government’s online platform AD Pay, at leading retailers chains such as Al Maya Supermarket, Jumbo Electronic and Lulu Stores, even to transfer money to friends and family.

Download the PayBy app on Google Play, App Store and Huawei AppGallery to enjoy safe, cashless and contactless services.

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