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How to Grocery Shop Safely

In the battle with COVID-19, many small business owners are struggling. Their regular customers stop visiting the store, to follow the decree from the UAE government and to be a responsible resident. The majority of these stores have to go online and offer home delivery services for customers nearby.

We have talked to a few shop owners and users. It is surprising that cash-on-delivery still makes up of a huge percentage of the revenue for shops. Meanwhile, users struggle to withdraw cash to cope with the daily needs of food and grocery delivery. They worry about the potential transmission of cash, as well as the close distance when using card.

We decide to support local business and offer users a contactless payment option - Payment via QR-code enables customer and delivery boy to complete the transaction by keeping the social distancing the whole time.

For the time being, this service will be running for free for all merchants.

A few baqala shops in Downtown Abu Dhabi have first tested the waters by installing PayBy Smart POS. Now, users who have updated ToTok to the latest version will be able to shop and pay their grocery via ToTok Pay, contactless and cashless.

The process is very easy:

When the shop assistant receives an order on their website or Whatsapp from the residents nearby, he simply prepares the parcel, prints out a receipt from PayBy Smart POS, and sticks it to the parcel. (Of course, he is fully equipped with mask and gloves the whole time!)

When merchant receives an order, he will print out a receipt. Customer can scan the QR-code on the receipt and pay.
Parcel ready for delivery

When the delivery boy drops the parcel, customer can simply come and take it, scan the payment QR-code on the receipt.

Waiting in distance, delivery boy will be notified of the transaction status and be able to provide any necessary help. He doesn't need to carry the traditional POS machine everywhere, nor does he have to go back to the same shop to hand over the cash.

To showcase our appreciation to those pioneer users, whoever pay via ToTok pay now can get an instant 5AED cashback and use it for the next delivery!

PayBy - cashback for grocery shop

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