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30% off Your Baqala Order

PayBy has launched a small campaign in two baqala concept stores in Abu Dhabi. From now until 2nd June, if you display your PayBy QR-code to baqala cashier, you will get an instant 30% off your first shop, up to 30AED.

You only need to:

  1. Activate your PayBy account on ToTok, BOTIM or PayBy APP

  2. Top up PayBy account with your UAE cards

  3. Pick your grocery in Al Pisan or Ajmal Baqala

Simply choose PayBy as the payment method and save 30% from your order. Please note that terms and conditions apply.

Time: 27 May to 2 June, 2020


Al Pisan Baqala

31 Al Douj St - Zone 1E11 - Abu Dhabi / Google Map here

Ajmal Baqala

Al Silaymi St - Zone 1E11 - Abu Dhabi / Google Map here

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