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Payment with UnionPay

Pay safely for goods and services at merchants using your UPI Virtual Card.

Make Mobile Payments

Proven Technology 

Make Mobile Payments

World-class Security 

Make Mobile Payments

360 Ecosystem


Convenient Payments

The UPI Virtual Card will allow you to make payments for goods and services at merchants which accept UnionPay International cards as a payment method. When you use your UPI Virtual Card, funds will be debited from your stored value balance held on your PayBy Wallet.

Tap & Pay on the go

You may make payments in-store by presenting your UPI Virtual Card at a contactless terminal, scanning the UPI Merchant’s QR Code or presenting your UPI QR Code for scanning by the UPI Merchant. You can also make payments by a single tap. Just using our Tap & Pay with your Android phone.

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Start Your Journey !

PayBy is now available on App Store, Google Play, HUAWEI AppGallery, and BOTIM.

More are coming...

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