​Simplified and Integrated Dashboard

Enjoy easy access to all services, as well as a wide range of payment scenes.

The more transactions, the more cash back and rewards.

Payment Scenes


Merchant website is integrated and displayed within the PayBy mobile application.

Payment Code

Connect your existing barcode reader and terminal to our payment system.


Online cashier webpage offers all payment methods and a shortcut.


Payment request gets redirected from your APP to PayBy, while customer data remains with you.

Dynamic code

Quick payment upon dynamic QR-code is shown to users within your own interface.


Automated billing system helps reduce the process of regular purchases.

Connect PayBy in A Few Minutes

Skip tedious payment process...

Easy to start

It is easy to integrate with your existing device and set up the right solution.

Business at your fingertips

Keep track of your sales from both mobile and desktop - empower your employees, too.


Choose the most suitable solution for your business needs and create a smooth customer journey.