Model Algorithm Expert / Engineer

Duties and Responsibilities

- Be responsible for data analysis, feature mining, user portrait, modeling and optimization of risk control business, provide intelligent and efficient fraud risk prevention and control capabilities for risk control, enhance prevention and control efficiency and improve user experience and security through machine learning, data mining and artificial intelligence technology.

- The design, implementation, optimization of big data, machine learning and other related algorithms in the risk control scenario, as well as the distributed / real-time transformation with the system, including the algorithm support for the system itself (AI for systems).

- Be familiar with data mining, such as group clustering, group discovery, feature selection and other mining techniques, and master various behavior feature processing and modeling methods.

- Design and optimize the anti-fraud strategy model for embezzlement, fraud and capital risk, based on historical data, expert experience, data analysis and data mining.

- Mining more business value, providing more new exploration and practice direction for business, and developing business based on the existing data.


- Master's degree, major in computer, mathematics, statistics, machine learning, search recommendation and other algorithm research directions, with more than three years of experience in risk control understanding modeling.

- Familiar with machine learning algorithms and tools, including but not limited to DNN, RF, etc., with strong hands-on practice and tuning ability.

- Be familiar with the model life cycle, and master the significance and methods of evaluation, detection, monitoring, iterative optimization and product output beyond modeling.

- Strong self-driving force, able to influence and guide the healthy development of business.


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