Key Tasks and Responsibilities

- Participation in the design and development of core payment systems.

- Responsible for abstract design of complex system models, undertake system architecture design and development, ensure high-quality and timely delivery of systems.

- Deal with the technical challenges of micro-service architecture and complex business models in high concurrency environments.

- Participate in team members' code review and development of standard.


Basic Qualification

- Proficient in common open source frameworks and tools such as Spring MVC, Mybatis, Dubbo, Redis, RabbitMq, maven, gitlab, etc..

- Proficient in Tomcat, nginx and other application servers, familiar with Linux system, master shell, awk, sed, etc..

- Proficient in mass system load balancing, caching, network storage, network security.

- Proficient in distributed systems and architectures, with deep understanding of best practices and design principles for high-performance and high-availability architectures, experience in large-scale and high-context distributed architecture design and development.

- Good field design and model abstraction skills, familiar with UML, design patterns and domain-driven design tools and methods.

- Experience in system architecture design for large payment companies and financial industry is preferred.

- Clear thought, good at thinking, able to independently analyze and solve problems.

- Strong sense of responsibility and responsible attitude towards the goal.


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