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Campus Pay Cost

PayBy brings convenient experience to parents to avoid the waiting time and queues, making it easy for students to follow up on payments in real-time.

Accept Online Payments

Accept credit cards and many payment gateways from day one, and let clients pay right from your invoice & on mobile device


Taxes, Discounts, Shipping

Add taxes, discounts, and shipping to single line items or invoice totals and lean back — invoicely does all the calculating for you


Share Invoice as a Link

Copy the invoice link to the customer, the invoice link can be viewed by anyone, quickly and efficiently recover your funds


Operation History

View detailed of your records [send] [cancel] [record a payment] and other operations, check at any time

PayBy Offering



Get instant payment notice via SMS or email, check the details of fees online and complete the payment; Easy reference of historical payment list.


Issue invoices according to the student list. Send school fees reminders to all parents instantly. All invoice data is collected uniformly in PayBy and grasps the payment information in real-time.


Start Your Journey !

PayBy is now available on App Store, Google Play, HUAWEI AppGallery, and BOTIM.

More are coming...

Traditional ways of collecting school tuition fees are changing.
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